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We are inspired by love, nature and a sprinkling of fairytale romance to create breathtaking installations and floral arrangements.


We’re here to create, share the joy of florals and be part of each of your special moments (but we can’t promise our flowers won’t steal the show!).

Lady Plant started with a challenge - to spend 2019 venting my creative frustrations down every and any avenue that I could find. Pottery, hiking, tennis, yoga, sip and paint all tended to my creative seedlings, but when gifted a floral workshop by my hubby, floristry ended up being the driving force to bring it to bloom.

While in the workshop, our host explained that she too had been creatively unfulfilled, working in a corporate role, and had found a love of floristry. I identified so strongly with her story and her success, that I couldn’t get it out of my head.

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Flower Arrangement
Flower Arrangements


We love to inspire!

Our journey started with a humble floristry class, and is culminating in our (not so humble) dreams of a blooming - see what we did there? - floristry business.

Come and join us for a floral extravaganza, where you can unwind with us, some friends and a whole bunch - again with the puns! - of flower enthusiasts. We’ll share the basics, and then let you play till your heart’s desire, discovering the joys of unleashing your creativity on the world while making a beautiful piece to take home (and wow your friends on facebook!).

Wedding Day


We love to celebrate!

Tell us your story and take us on your event journey with you, we want your florals to be as special as you (or your love story!). Our goal is always to bring the wow factor, for every event. Whether you’re planning an intimate celebration or a show stopping wedding (à la Kimye’s floral backdrop anyone?), we devote the love and attention that your event needs.